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To show how these local stories fit into the broader context of world events, this edition of Link Up brings the Internet to you. No Google search required.

The Demand
Leaders from Keep Evansville Beautiful want a landscape around the Evansville Regional Airport that tells visitors, “People love this city,” and in our story, “The Adjustment Bureau,” we chronicle KEB’s mission to give the city a major facelift. KEB’s efforts prompted us to ask: What should we demand from airports? Here, the best airports of 2010.

The Struggle
Africa may have been the darling project for Westerners in the last decade, but a recession has placed the struggling continent off the political priority list. In “The Crusaders,” we revealed two people in Evansville aiming to help Kenyans get tested for HIV and AIDS. Just as serious is how disproportionately HIV and AIDS affects black Americans. This story from a Cincinnati newspaper reveals the struggles to fund proper prevention.

The Change
This story from The New York Times is a little dated, but it weaves a wonderful history of Bonnaroo, a nearby music fest in Tennessee into the narrative. Our story, “How to Do Bonnaroo,” offers rules to surviving the 80,000-person crowd but only hints at the changes the fest has undergone since the first one in 2002. Here, a little more perspective on why Bonnaroo went from a jam band haven to a dance hall.

The Discovery
We’d like to say we were the first to discover The Violet Hour, a cocktail Mecca in Chicago and a fine place to visit without kids (“Grown-up Getaways”). Sadly, we weren’t the first. Esquire magazine named it one of the best bars of 2008. The editors’ depiction of The Violet Hour still rings true today.

The History
The Miller House, a restaurant in Owensboro, Ky., may be young (it just opened in the last decade), but it is in a 106-year-old building. Still, it’s not the oldest restaurant in America. The place making that claim is Boston’s Union Oyster House, established in 1826.

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