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Rebuilt to Last
In our feature, “He Rebuilt This City,” we share how Ben Kunkel, an architect, transforms historic buildings in Evansville into spaces used by profitable businesses.

The task of renovating a decades-vacant building isn’t easy, and Kunkel has overcome numerous challenges to make dilapidated spaces habitable. His story made us wonder: What are the worst renovation horror stories? Leaking roofs? Hornets’ nests in crawl spaces? This story reveals the struggle of turning a building around.

Heard of the Cloud?
Our tech columnist John Nugent touted the iPad, Apple’s tablet computer, as his favorite e-reader in the June/July issue. The reason: He can do more than read with it. What Nugent could be doing soon is listening to music on Apple’s iCloud. The soon-to-be-released gadget/service has tech bloggers excited. The question remains: What is it?

Gas Map
For Industry Insider, we asked an executive from Professional Transportation Inc.: How did the Evansville-based company make money in the transportation industry when gas prices were so high?

It made us think: Where can we buy cheap gas in Evansville? Then we found this brilliant website. It shows the cheapest and most expensive gas prices in the city.

Got Milk?
In our 60 Second Business Strategy, we reveal the University of Evansville’s new marketing initiative. What makes for a good marketing plan? To answer that, ask yourself this: Got milk? This article uncovers the history behind one of the most popular advertising campaigns.

The Power of Towers
The University of Southern Indiana recently opened a revamped university center with a striking 97-foot-tall, conical-shaped tower. We wanted to call it “the most impressive tower ever.” Then, we found these. We still love the USI tower, though.

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