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A Tragedy Remembered – Our feature “9/11 Remembered” shows how the terrorist attacks a decade ago affected our city, but the tragedy remains deeply rooted in Manhattan. New York magazine is as brilliant as it is innovative, and the publication rests in the heart of the Big Apple. This simple article shows the magnitude of the disastrous event.

Another Tragedy RememberedThe Watson Twins return to their alma mater, the University of Evansville, in September for a free concert. The popular folk/indie duo, Chandra and Leigh, have a deep connection with the school: Their father, Bobby Watson, is the university’s former men’s basketball coach who died in a plane crash that killed the entire roster in 1977. The event shook Evansville. In 2007, we presented “30 Years after 90 Seconds,” an intense retrospective on the loss.

Pretty in the Pool – Before the start of the current swim season, kids had to wait for a dead bird to be fished out of Lloyd Pool. It is the least of the facility’s problems we learned in “Drowning in Disappointment.” A new generation of swim parents may be trying to make waves for a facility upgrade, but they still have a long way to go. It is nice to know that Evansville is keeping the pool; other cities are cutting public pools from their budgets.

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