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To show how stories in our Nov/Dec 2011 issue fit into the broader context of world events, this edition of Link Up brings the Internet to you. No Google search required.

Cold as Ice
For many people wanting to run off the excessive calories they take in during the holiday season, the winter cold is often a deal breaker. In our story, “Winter Workouts,” we talked with Dr. Anne Butsch of Evansville Integrative Medicine about winter health myths and how many cold-weather ailments stem from a lack of vitamin D. In this Discovery Channel video, Wim Hof doesn’t seem to be missing any vitamins (but maybe a bit of sanity).

Leading the Way
After decades of debate over a Downtown arena, Evansville opened its doors to the gleaming new Ford Center in late October. The guided tour in our feature story, “The Ford Center,” hits all the high points of the 290,000-square-foot facility that broadens Evansville’s skyline and promises economic growth. This 2006 ESPN article shows how a new-and-improved stadium can move a city forward.

Getting in Character
Patti McCrory began her life as a designer with a pair of scissors and a stack of magazines. Years later, the Alabaman landed at a nationally renowned theater program at the University of Evansville as a theater professor and costume designer. Our story, “Playing Dress-Up,” describes the intricate process of creating the perfect costume for each character in musicals such as Gypsy and Master Harold … And the Boys. This website shows how fashion and design play a huge part of everyday life around the world.

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