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Major road construction is coming to Lloyd Expressway, with projects at several intersections aimed at reducing crashes and improving traffic flow.

The planned work on Evansville’s East Side, between U.S. 41 and the Interstate 69 interchange, was discussed during a public hearing on March 7 conducted by the Indiana Department of Public Transportation. Additional work is planned along the expressway, west of U.S. 41.

INDOT continues to field comments about the East Side projects, but time is running out.

Area residents who want to weigh in on Lloyd construction coming to Vann Avenue, Stockwell Road, Burkhardt Road, and Cross Pointe Boulevard must submit their comments by March 22, INDOT says.

Here is a summary of what INDOT wants to do at those four Lloyd Expressway intersections, with the start of construction anticipated for summer 2024:

Vann Avenue
INDOT’s preferred project calls for the removal of traffic signals and the elimination of all existing left turns, meaning traffic would pass nonstop through the intersection. A median also would be installed at the intersection.

Stockwell Road
The preferred plan includes a displaced left turn for eastbound drivers and a boulevard left turn for westbound travelers. A displaced left turn involves a dedicated lane on the other side of the road, with a signal, while at a boulevard left turn (also known as a median U-turn), vehicles turning left go through the intersection, make a U-turn, and then turn right.

Burkhardt Road
At this busy intersection surrounded by extensive shopping plazas, INDOT’s intention is to add dual displaced left-turn movements, with the goal of reducing traffic backups.

Cross Pointe Boulevard
Dual displaced left turns also are planned for this busy commercial intersection. Additionally, INDOT wants to change the nearby Interstate 69 ramps to add a traffic signal to the southbound off-ramp. According to INDOT, traffic on the ramp and westbound Lloyd would stop intermittently, allowing vehicles leaving I-69 to merge and make the left-turn lane at Cross Pointe.

During the recent public hearing, some speakers voiced opposition to ending the left turns at Vann Avenue, as well as to a lack of pedestrian and bicycle paths in the various plans.

Residents can comment on the work planned for Vann Avenue, Stockwell Road, Burkhardt Road, and Cross Pointe Boulevard by emailing them to or mailing them to David Goffinet, Lochmueller Group, 6200 Vogel Road, Evansville, Indiana, 47715.

Comments must be submitted (or postmarked by) March 22. According to INDOT, comments will be reviewed and considered as part of the agency’s decision-making process.

More details about all Lloyd Expressway construction plans are available online.

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Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen is the managing editor of Evansville Living and Evansville Business magazines.

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