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Meet Brooklynn Ellis

The William Henry Harrison High School senior is job shadowing at Tucker Publishing Group

Tucker Publishing Group would like to introduce you to Brooklynn Ellis! Since January 2024, Brooklynn, a senior at William Henry Harrison High School’s Randall T. Shepard Academy for Law and Social Justice, has been job shadowing at TPG as part of her curriculum at the Shepard Academy. Two to three times a week, she gets an insider look at the magazine industry, learning firsthand the steps that the editorial, art, sales, and publishing teams at TPG take to produce a polished, entertaining monthly city magazine from start to finish.

Here are a few details about Brooklynn, who plans to study English at the University of Southern Indiana starting in August 2024.

Name: Brooklynn Ellis
Age: 18
Hobbies: reading, writing, researching crazy events, and watching documentaries
Career Goals: political journalism, writing novels

What kinds of stories do you like to tell?
Stories that move people and make them think differently, or move them emotionally and open people’s eyes to other stories and issues.

Describe what you’ve learned about magazine publishing while shadowing TPG.
There are a lot of meetings and working together in different departments to get the perfect magazine. There is no lone wolf who has to do it all, and everyone contributes to the editing and creating.

What has surprised you most about the magazine industry?
The period of calm that can occur one week to the full overdrive with writing and creating the next.

Tell us your favorite part of your internship at TPG.
Being able to hear about experiences that the writers have had for stories and the people they met as well as being able to put my input into editing and writing.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?
I would love to go to Venice, Italy, to experience the city of culture and history before it is submerged underwater and gone to the world.

What is one specific thing you want to experience in life?
I want to experience the moment when I’m old and all of my children and other family have grown, and I know that I did my part in the world to leave a positive mark and gave everyone I left behind the tools to be successful and happy.

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Jodi Keen
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