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Modern Craft Banking

When Ohio Valley Financial Group merged with BankTrust Financial to create Field & Main Bank in January 2015, a new look was needed to match the new brand.

Chairman and CEO Scott Davis says when clients walk into Field & Main at 140 N. Main St. in Henderson, Kentucky, he wants them to feel connected with their banker and at home in the space. Field & Main has multiple branches in Henderson and a location on Evansville’s Burkhardt Road.

“With the new name came a new brand, a new logo, new look, new everything that was all built around our tagline which is Modern Craft Banking,” says Danielle Falconer, senior vice president of marketing and communications. “It’s all about being relevant in modern times with an appreciation for that tailored experience that you would get from a craft brewery or a boutique where the people who own the place have a passion for what they do.”

With a modern design, comfortable seating placed in front of a fireplace with a perfect view of wallpaper reminiscent of Kentucky’s own agriculture, a technology bar complete with iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and a PC, and an untraditional teller line placed under speakers playing modern folk music, Field & Main has worked to ensure their clients’ time is enjoyable.

To create this tailored experience, Field & Main worked with New Ground, a design and building company based in St. Louis, Missouri, that specializes in financial institutions.

Instead of creating a traditional teller line you would normally see at a bank, New Ground installed relationship banking pods where the relationship banker and the client interact face-to-face, using the same computer, without a wall between them.

The technology bar was created allowing relationship bankers and clients to easily walk over from the pods and set up an online or mobile bank account on whichever device works best for the client.

“We want people to feel connected with their experience of banking with Field & Main,” says Davis. “One of the reasons we wanted to make this overhaul is that banking is a very personal thing and the traditional model created an unnecessary barrier between the banker and the customer.”

The relaxed, personal feel of Field & Main isn’t limited to the lobby. Davis’ office is personalized to suit him with one full wall covered with a scribbled on dry erase board, a dinner table instead of a computer desk topped with a MacBook Pro instead of a desktop computer, and a cozy seating area with two chairs and a Beatles “Yellow Submarine” acoustic guitar.

“I want people to see aspects of my personality because it may be a chord they could connect with,” says Davis. “I want people to feel that they are in a place that is open, engaged, and where people honor their relationship.”

For more information on Field & Main Bank, call 888-831-1500 or visit fieldandmain.com. 

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