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Personal and Private

Certified financial planner Ann Pendley is sitting in the conference room of the new Payne Wealth Partners building at 601 N. Cross Pointe Blvd. Through the two ceiling-to-floor glass walls, she can easily see out, and others can easily see in.

The glass walls are much more than a division of space — they represent the Payne Wealth Partners business model. “We strive to be a very transparent — yet private — company,” Pendley says as she presses a button that draws dark shades over the glass walls. Payne Wealth Partners provides complete wealth management solutions for high-net-worth families and individuals, which means the ability to maintain privacy is of the highest priority.

The entire space was designed to be comfortable, warm, and professional, while demonstrating the company’s collaborative environment. It also needed to meet clients’ specific needs. Take the sound of what seems to be a constantly running air conditioner. That’s actually white noise, used to assure private conversations are kept private.

Each employee had input in the new building, as they all worked closely with architect Gary Thomas of Morley and Associates. The building is owned and was constructed by Woodward Commercial Realty.

“We wanted a design consistent with our company,” Investment Manager and President Taylor Payne says. “Our work is unique; this office is unique. It’s about the depth, the transparency from front to back. We want clients to have the complete experience.”

For more information on Payne Wealth Partners, visit www.paynewealthpartners.net.

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