Pinning it Down

A whole new world of wedding planning continues to be available to future brides, thanks to the website Pinterest. This pin board style photo-sharing website has revolutionized the wedding industry, providing endless inspirations for wedding bouquets, invitations, cake toppers, gowns, and all things matrimony. You name it – there are bound to be countless pins for it.

There is no better way to understand a bride’s vision for her wedding than to visually see it through photos and images. This is how Pinterest has changed the conversation between brides and their vendors, such as Studio B Photography, where owner Daniel Knight has recognized the incredible range of images available on Pinterest. “There are some very trendy and beautiful poses and great ideas I can always implement,” Knight says. “When a Pinterest idea is presented to me, I think ‘how can I do this but add my own twist to it, or even make it better?” Knight says. “It’s probably the best readily available source of photo ideas out there, and it is being used very heavily.”

“It’s an idea file, in essence,” Tracy Pace, one of the three owners of The Pacetre, a cupcake shop, says of Pinterest. Pace prefers to adopt and adapt to her client’s visions instead of directly emulating Pinterest photos. Cupcakes are the main product Pacetre offers for weddings, as well as small cutting cakes, pies, and crostatas. Pace uses Pinterest herself to follow upcoming styles and trends for The Pacetre’s wedding products.

Randi Gehlhausen, production manager and director of operations at Zeidler’s Flowers, Garden, and Gifts, has seen many benefits from Pinterest for both brides and Zeidler’s. Brides attend consultations at Zeidler’s prepared with images of their potential flower arrangement choices, which eases the entire process. “With the growth of technology, Pinterest has kept everybody up to date and more involved with upcoming styles,” Gehlhausen says.

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