Recycling Revealed

Every issue of Evansville Living contains more than 100 pages, each of which goes through several rounds of revisions and red pen marks. By the time the magazine goes to press, our staff has amassed a hefty recycling load that we cart off to Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve.

We’re not alone. Every time we arrive at the urban forest’s recycling facility, the bins are heaped with discarded paper products: cardboard, office paper, packaging, etc. The sheer volume of materials made us wonder how often they’re collected — and where they go.

According to Aaron Chenoweth, marketing and communications director for Wesselman Nature Society, the drop-off facility receives approximately 750 tons of recyclables each year — that’s 1.5 million pounds. Every week, with help from volunteers, several semi trailers haul recyclables to two Evansville companies: Smurfit-Stone Recycling Company and Tri-State Resource Recovery, which purchase the materials. (D & L Innovative Materials, LLC, also in Evansville, processes the collected glass, and the Vanderburgh County Solid Waste District works with Wesselman Nature Society to provide “Recycle Saturday” events throughout the area. In 2009, this off-site program collected 200 tons of recyclables.)

Revenue from the processing of materials fluctuates with the world markets, but last year, Wesselman Nature Society earned more than $12,000 for its recyclables. Proceeds from recycled items support the nonprofit organization’s eco-friendly mission and programs.

To learn more about recycling at Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve or see a schedule of “Recycle Saturday” events, visit

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