Roadside Rescue

 Joshua Nunn has been unlocking car doors and changing tires on the side of the road for more than five years. So at the beginning of 2013, he created his own roadside assistance business — Red’s Roadside Assistance.

Nunn works as the owner and sole operator at Red’s Roadside Assistance located at 1751 Hicks Drive. The business offers 24/7 emergency services including flat tire services, fuel delivery, jump starts, battery replacement, and more. Red’s services trucks, cars, and motorcycles; most services costing around $30.

“From working in the industry for a few years, that’s how I came up with the assistances that I offer,” says Nunn, who named the company after the nickname given to him by his family for his red head of hair.

Going beyond the typical roadside assistance, Red’s replaces batteries for the price of the battery only, or works on minor mechanical issues right on the side of the road. Nunn’s services are recognized by major insurance companies, such as Cross Country and Allstate, for customers who carry roadside assistance insurance.

Nunn strives to be there as fast as he can, usually within 10 to 20 minutes.

“I don’t like making people wait; there’s no point,” says Nunn. “If I’m busy, that’s understandable but I want to make it affordable for the customer.”

For more information on Red’s Roadside Assistance, call 812-589-5696 or visit or its Facebook page.

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