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Secure Future

Ryan Cain’s obsession with audio equipment began in his car. In college, this interest led him to a sales job with ADT. Today, Cain owns the video, security, and audio equipment store Paragon Sight Sound Security, located at 133 W. Lincoln Ave. in Chandler, Indiana.

Cain and his business partner Matt Deters began Paragon in 2005, previously having worked for security and audiovisual companies in Indianapolis and Nashville, Tennessee.

The business provides everything from high-end visual devices and professional sound equipment to elite security gear, all of which can be integrated into one platform controlled through a tablet or an app downloaded onto a smart phone.

“It started off if you wanted an integrated home, it was so expensive,” says Matt. “Today, you can get so much more for the same price as you could 10 years ago.”

While Cain was working in Indianapolis, the company he worked for had a 50-inch TV for $15,000. With the price of electronics dropping each year, though, people are becoming more interested in having high-quality, professional home theater equipment in their homes.

“The rooms we’re doing are nice rooms,” says Cain. “They’re not just cheap projectors and your average sound equipment. We now are doing systems that don’t even have Blu-Ray. When I started, we were doing VCR.”

Paragon, however, is not a retail outlet. They strictly do custom designs and are experts in creating integrated systems for residential clients. Their installation is clean and seamless, giving customers the highest quality sound and audio without having the distraction of visible speakers, boxes, cables, and multiple remotes.

Some of their security systems feature cameras allowing homeowners to see who is at their front door or to even secure and unsecure their home from any location across the world. Matt says he uses the system to remotely let workers into his house, like pest control or pet sitters, without the security issues of giving out a key or garage code.

“The worst thing is when you have a house and have 12 remotes to operate everything,” says Jon Deters, Paragon’s system designer. “We just have one — on a touch screen.”

With technology constantly changing and innovating, they try to keep their eyes on the future. Their biggest piece of advice to clients is to plan and wire their homes for whatever they think they might want in the future, even if they don’t want anything put in at the moment.

“We’re limited to two things — the pocketbook and the imagination,” says Cain.

For more information about Paragon Sight Sound Security, call 812-306-5544 or visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/evansvillehometheater.

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