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In 1957, Arthur and Benita Valiant moved to Evansville, Ind., with bright eyes and a deep aspiration for entrepreneurship. At the time, no local business offered same-day service on rubber stamp orders. In fact, it generally took two weeks to fulfill a single order. Yet Arthur Valiant was confident he could speed up that process, and in a small office on Main Street, he and his wife began the rubber stamp manufacturing company Valiant Marking Products.

Several years later, after garnering the support and confidence of many customers, the Valiants changed the name of their business to Arben Stamp Company. The new name was a combination of the two founder’s names, Arthur and Benita. In the 1970s, customers started to ask for additional signage products.

“They stepped back, looked at their resources, and found a way to offer simple signage to their customers,” says Casey Valiant, co-owner and creative director.

In the mid-1980s, Arthur and Benita Valiant’s son, Walter Valiant, along with his wife, Debbie Valiant, took over the daily operations of Arben Stamp Company. Their goal was to begin to computerize their system, incorporating typesetting and engraving into their services. In a continuous effort to expand their services, Walter and Debbie Valiant cleared out their garage, getting down on hand and knee to learn the art of banner making. Through research and listening to their customers needs, the Valiants learned the best way to serve their customers and grow their company.

In 1993, Arben Stamp Company was nominated Heavy Weight Dealer of the Year by the Marking Device Institute, the industry’s leading trade organization, for its investment in timely, efficient customer service. Still passionate about improving its services, Arben Stamp Company changed its name again to AmeriStamp in an effort to promote a nationwide mindset. In 1997, AmeriStamp collaborated with Sign-A-Rama, the largest sign franchise in the world. AmeriStamp continues to be a part of that franchise today.

AmeriStamp Sign-A-Rama now offers full-range sign and graphic products including business cards, nameplates, vehicle wraps, and logo design, among other services. Once solely a rubber stamp company on Main Street, AmeriStamp Sign-A-Rama now prides itself on providing marking and marketing solutions to any business or organization from its location at 1300 N. Royal Ave.

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