That’s So Random

My boys are fond of saying, “That’s so random,” when someone makes a comment out of left field. But sometimes you just have to say what’s on your mind. In this case, there are a lot of great things going on in our community, but there is also a great deal of nonsense. So here’s my take. Disagree? Let me know. But have the courage to say who you are.

» I am at a loss as to why we make it so difficult for businesses to get things done in this community. The endless permits and red tape certainly are not economic drivers. Just try to put up a new business sign. Compare the process with business owners in other cities who do business here. Evansville must remove the barriers to business development.

» As a community, we will continue to have large litter (and trash) problems until we create greater awareness and tougher enforcement and penalties. Why do we wish to trash the place where we live? I know this really bothers our city’s newer residents who are surprised at our “untidy” ways.

» Our new Downtown street-signs, traffic lights, and street-corner brickwork are vast aesthetic improvements. The impact of the two-way street conversions and rerouting of Main Street remain to be seen. Opening the cut onto Main Street from Riverside Drive is a no-brainer — that should have been done years ago.

» I am amazed how few Evansvillians visit Indiana’s French Lick and New Harmony and Kentucky’s Audubon State Park — gems in our own backyard. When is the last time you visited?

» Recent attacks on the character of good people via the blogs is just an assault on civility. I know many people are hiding behind multiple screen names. If you are required to sign letters to the editor, then have the courage and conviction to stand behind what you write on the blogs.

» The hotel fiasco is just downright embarrassing to our community. Enough said.

» Holiday World is so well run in so many different aspects that every year I come away even more impressed. The Koch family is something special in our region, and everyone who knew Will misses him.

» Please explain why, when we have not always had strong business leadership in our community, that when we finally have someone like Bob Jones (president and CEO of Old National), he is under attack for the Integra Bank deal. Unfortunately, Integra failed, but Old National Bank’s purchase actually stopped some of the bleeding. I appreciate what Jones and Old National Bank have given back to our community during tough economic times. You should too.

» The arena project should not be controversial. Roberts Stadium was and is tired and depressing and is not indicative of our community’s advancement. Economic development officials, realtors, and the convention bureau folks always drive visitors by the arena construction project because it’s a positive reflection of the community. And Roberts Stadium supporters have yet to provide a long-term solution that actually works or is economically feasible.

» Both of Evansville’s four-year universities are flourishing under two very strong new leaders: Tom Kazee at the University of Evansville and Linda Bennett at the University of Southern Indiana. We are fortunate to have them both.

» Our parks are deplorable, and Dan Schall, executive director of Evansville’s parks and recreation department, is given no manpower or any real budget to work with. Until that problem is resolved, the situation will not improve. The worst offender? Lloyd Pool. And if Wesselman Park is the crown jewel…?!

» I am not sure what changed over the past few years, but you can now catch a taxi in Evansville with relative ease.

» Local home sales are improving, but commercial real estate has shown few signs of jump-starting again.

» Newburgh’s Lukas Greif, 11, won several rounds at the 12-year-old National Clay Court Championships in North Carolina, and Lilly King, 14, just won the state 100- and 200-meter breaststroke. There was no mention of this anywhere, as the local media focus on youth revolved around an 18-year-old pot dealer.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. And yes, actually I do feel better. Let me know how you feel. Just sign your name.


Todd A. Tucker

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