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The Glossary of Grilling

To grill, or not to grill? When it comes to cooking with fire, there are a multitude of terms that often overlap.

Grilling: Cooking food uncovered, on a rack, and directly over a heat source, usually a charcoal fire.

Barbecuing: Cooking tougher cuts of meat with low, slow heat, often covered.

Smoking: Slowly increasing air temperatures in an enclosed grill (or smoker) to cook meat at a gradual pace.

Convection: Transfer for heat via gases or fluids. Performed at higher temperatures to increase cooking time. Helps regulate temperature.

Indirect Grilling: Food is placed to the side of or above a heat source instead of directly over the flame for a slow and low cook.
Often used for smoking.

Brining: Treating food with brine or coarse salt, usually when smoking, to preserve moisture and seasoning.

Planking: Indirectly cooking food — popularly salmon — on an untreated wood plank that was soaked in water. Combines steaming, smoking, and roasting.

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