The Smartwatch

The 45th Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is host to up-and-coming technologies, gadgets, and gizmos. Each January, manufacturers and entrepreneurs gather to showcase everything as big as TVs to smartwatches, a new wave of strapping Bond technology that tethers our wrists to our phones.

i’m Watch, $349
Headlining innovation and a sleek, elegant design, the i’m Watch is the perfect supplement for iPhone users. Using Bluetooth technology, this Italian-made watch tethers directly to your phone, sending push notifications, text messages, important emails, and social media updates straight to the touch interface.

Weighing in at 95 grams, you can choose between seven vibrant colors and styles: aluminum, titanium, and the exclusive i’m Watch Jewel silver or gold.

The i’market allows users to download apps directly to their watch. With a built-in speaker and microphone for hands-free calling, the i’m Watch has all of the necessary applications.

Pebble, $150
A result of a $10,266,845 Kickstarter project, Pebble is an inventive and fresh take on the smartwatch. Using an easy-to-read E-paper display, the watch can last for a week with your choice of watch face. Connecting to both iPhone and Android phones, Pebble is a minimalist smartwatch with unyielding potential for app developers and the everyday user.

Much like the i’m Watch, the Pebble pushes texts, emails, and messages straight to your wrist with built-in vibration. Utilizing its versatility, the Pebble can track speed, distance, and pace data for cyclists, runners, and swimmers (and it’s waterproof). Imagine driving to work in the morning and, with nothing more than a quick touch of a button, your Pebble can change your Pandora track streamed to your car.

With its replaceable watchbands, the Pebble is a sure thing for a range of users. At $150, it is currently available on backorder.

Martian Watch, $249-$299
Style, technology, and function are blended together in the three Martian Watches. Keeping with the typical analog display, these watches connect to most Android smartphones, iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. With top of the line voice recognition and a speaker, the watch can display texts and email, read them out loud, then allow you to speak directly to Siri or other voice recognition programs to reply.

The $299 Passport Watch is as sleek as it gets. Other models include the $299 Victory and the $249 G2G.

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