Tower of Strength

The 420 Main Building has been the home of Chapman Injury Lawyers since 2008 when Neil Chapman opened the firm. When Chapman started filming commercials from the building’s rooftops, he often would get the same question: “Where did you shoot that commercial?”

“This building was like a well-kept secret,” says Chapman, who has occupied offices on the ninth, 17th, and now 12th floor. “In some ways, the building was hiding in plain sight.”

Soon, the building will be difficult to miss.

The city’s tallest building at 420 Main St. has a new name and new owners, F.C. Tucker Commercial announced in early February. Renamed City Tower at 420 Main, the building will receive a makeover, including roof, elevator, and HVAC improvements this year. Major construction to transform floors 12 through 18 into luxury condominiums will take place in 2018, while floors one through 11 will be mixed use and restaurants, says F.C. Tucker Commercial President Ken Newcomb. The project is expected to cost $25 million.

Newcomb says the building’s concrete fins will be removed.

“Those date the building,” he says. “Completely encasing it in glass will give it a brand-new-building look. For all practical purposes, it will be a brand-new building.”

The building was Old National Bank’s headquarters from 1970 until 2004. The private Petroleum Club occupied the building’s 17th and 18th floors from 1970 until it disbanded in 2006. Attorney Alan Shovers of Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn was chairman of the Petroleum Club’s board and recalls the finest dining — first-class chefs, multiple-course meals followed by flaming desserts, and maître d’ service — and vast views of the city from the top two floors.

“Many special occasions took place there, so the building has a history of some of the best events of Evansville for a 30- or 40-year period,” says Shovers. “Those condominiums will have the most breathtaking views in our city, and there’s a certain specialness that will go with those views. Many people had highlights of their life take place there.”

Newcomb believes the tower’s renovations are a symbol of Evansville’s momentum.

“In years to come when they drive down the Lloyd Expressway and see the new glass and the new LED lighting on the building, people in Evansville will be proud of their skyline,” says Newcomb, adding other cities are known for iconic and recognizable skylines. “We’re going to have that. I think everybody will be proud of not just this building, but all the activity happening Downtown.”

For more information about City Tower at 420 Main, call 812-473-6677 or visit

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