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City View: How do you describe the overall state of education in Evansville?

David Smith: The Evansville community is incredibly blessed to have many educational opportunities for students including public, private, parochial, and charter options. The opportunity to choose what will help a child engage in their educational process is important. And, I believe that the EVSC offers such a wide-range of options and opportunities that area students can easily find their niche and succeed. I also have seen the data that show EVSC has always done an excellent job of educating students who come to us on grade level, and who are from a family of means. Recent improvements in educational data outcomes are evidence that we are also bucking the national trend by seeing huge growth in student success with students who live in poverty. I am confident this growth will continue due to our recent innovations.

CV: What were your own favorite subjects in school and what was your “best” year in school?

DS: My favorite subjects were music, history, and English. I was fortunate to be in an outstanding music program that provided incredible opportunities throughout my high school career. The highlight was definitely my senior year as Drum Major for the music program. In many ways, this experience prepared me very well to take advantage of my post-high school opportunities.

CV: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

DS: The most rewarding aspect of my job (and all of my previous EVSC positions) is witnessing people achieve to their highest ability. It is a very rewarding and humbling experience to see the many successes of our EVSC family — from students to staff.

CV: Who and what motivates you?

DS: I am motivated by a desire to always be better. I want to make certain that every day our students and staffs are given the best possible opportunities for success. Everyone must understand the importance of taking advantage of all the rich opportunities that they have before them. Evansville is an outstanding place to raise children because of the educational opportunities that exist here. 

CV: What is the best advice you have to give to students and parents of students? 

DS: Know what is offered at your school, and find what it is that motivates your child. Know and communicate with your children’s teachers. Read and listen to the communications that are sent home that will help you understand what your child is learning, how it is being taught, how you can help, and events and opportunities that are coming up that might be beneficial for your child. The EVSC has so many options and opportunities that will prepare students for the workforce or their college experience — take advantage of all that is offered.

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