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What Exactly is an “Oxy” Anyway?

 If your time and patience permits, please allow me to empty some of the vast areas of unused crevices of my mind (heavy cleaning, not a dusting) to be, well, all over the board. Have a conversation with me sometime. It’s what I do best.

We are excited to announce that Get Active, a healthy living and lifestyle publication started in 2013 by local triathlete and trail advocate Steve Roelle, now will be a part of Evansville Living three times per year, beginning in May. Steve will continue to help us showcase the best our region has to offer in healthy outdoor lifestyle features, covering food and nutrition, running, swimming, cycling, and triathlons. Get Active readers will be the first to know where the best trails are located and when the best club training events are held. Readers will find Get Active inserted in Evansville Living, and provided free at health and wellness events and at select wellness partners throughout the community.

Also new for Evansville Business is the advent of a new and exciting way for those at the pinnacle of success and personal or professional achievement to be a part of a special feature. See our shameless promotion on page 47 of this issue for additional information on how to be placed in the inaugural “Portraits of Success” in the August/September issue of Evansville Business. If this is anything at all like the wildly popular “Faces of Evansville” feature in the September/October 2016 issue of Evansville Living (also the 100th issue), you will want to move quickly to reserve your space.

I recently experienced the good and bad fortune of traveling to the City & Regional Magazine Association conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in early February. Mexico in February with my fellow magazine publishers, what could go wrong? Consider this please. If you don’t appreciate the employees and agents at our own Evansville airport, maybe you should. After encountering numerous difficulties in other airports coming and going to my conference, the difference in service being offered at our airport versus the “I could care less” attitudes I encountered elsewhere was a pretty wide chasm. (A favorite word!) Customer service is not an “oxymoron.” My wife says I am half of that. What exactly is an “oxy” anyway?

After arriving home with the flu, feel free to smack me upside the head if you ask me next year, “Did you get a flu shot?” and I say, “Not yet.” To anyone else who has gone through this misery this year, you have my sympathies. Although I am now an expert criminologist and forensic scientist through satellite osmosis.

As always, I look forward to hearing from most of you. And please, don’t feel free to smack me upside the head anyway.

Todd A. Tucker

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