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Where is …?

How well do you know our River City? Could you pick out a place, sculpture, or item from a simple glance? Are you sure?

If you feel confident in your knowledge of the scenery in and around the Tri-State area, the staff of Evansville Living have a challenge for you! This scavenger hunt curated by our staff features 25 photos and clues to spots around the city — use the tricky hints and sneaky cropping of photos to find all on the list.

Think you’ve solved all 25? Find our quick key of answers at the end. Good luck!


The spirit of these Civil War veterans in Downtown Evansville has endured since 1916 as they welcome event guests to this iconic space along Court Street.


Take a leisurely stroll along this West Side boardwalk. Look out over the water and take in the scenery.


To be or not to be quiet? This Evansville location is one of the oldest of its kind in the state. And the great Bard isn’t the only one who watches over patrons here!


You don’t have to be a pigeon to cross the waterway — this landmark’s red trusses have guided travelers over the Downtown creek for more than 130 years.


Take a trip to the East by heading south — near Downtown’s riverfront and amid the tulips, just look up for this special spot.


Alone in the woods on the West Side, be careful when you come to this spot! The views here could turn you on your head.


To find this spot, visit one of the oldest buildings in the city — its rounded top has a knack for standing out in the Downtown skyline. Head inside, to the center, and look up — is it just us, or does it look like it’s looking back?


The whole family can learn, play, and find adventure in this Downtown funscape. Drip, drop, drip, drop … you and your toddler can have fun in the downpour at this spot!


Ride along a Downtown Evansville pathway to find this interesting art piece — biking not your mode of transportation? We’re sure one of the six featured here will be at your speed.


Francis Joseph. Edward. Christine. Anna. John August. It’s a reunion of one of the city’s oldest families just off Mesker Road at St. Joseph Cemetery.


Lions, tigers, and bears … oh my! If you can tame them, take one for a spin on Evansville’s West Side.


This steed is nowhere near Ellis Park, but greets sports fans at one of Evansville’s oldest icons just north of Downtown.


Rising hundreds of feet into the air, this West Side blessing is joy for all to behold — though the saint this church is named for shows preference for those who hail from the Deutschland.


The temperature may change erratically in the Ohio River Valley, but it’s always cold at this location. Make sure your laces are tight before hitting the ice!


The members of this organization are known for their service to others and their strong backbones, as indicated by this scimitar on their logo, right along Riverside Drive.


A six-pointed geometrical design which watches over the budding blooms buzzing bees of this East Side beauty spot, near the Evansville State Hospital.


This waterway Downtown rolls down a sharp incline so hold on tight! At the bottom, you’ll find the entertainment is just beginning.


If you’re coming to Evansville from the North, this jolly face waves to you in greeting all year round.


If you’re headed to drink with some of the ladies of this Franklin Street establishment, don’t forget to take in the colorful surroundings outside.


There’s no acrobatic tricks or balancing elephants at this circus — but you can still grab a tasty treat from this clown’s home restaurant just north of Downtown.


You can pet the squirrel here and never fear of him trying to snatch a bite of a delicious giant pretzel with beer cheese from your plate!


Architecture and art blend in this structure on the East Side, designed by a former Evansville resident known as Wes. Can you believe it’s only 552 square feet in there?


Step through the doors of this skyscraper Downtown and you may feel transported back to the 1920s, when the modern, geometric designs of Art Deco were flourishing.


Facing the grand Ohio, off Riverside Drive, she waxes and wanes behind collections of Evansville history. Closer to the horizon than the sky, all her faces are shown to those who pass by her.


Take your little monkeys Downtown to swing and play — the sunlight gleaming from this unique tree is sure to make your day.

Answer Key: 1. Memorial Coliseum.  2. Howell Wetlands.  3. Willard Library.  4. Joan Marchand Bridge. 5. Pagoda Visitors Center. 6. Upside Down House by John McNaughton, Burdette Park. 7. Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse. 8. Children’s Museum of Evansville. 9. Shirley James Gateway Plaza Sculpture. 10. Reitz Family Memorial, St. Joseph Cemetery. 11. Engelbrecht Carousel at Mesker Park Zoo 12. Horse at Bosse Field Entrance.  13. St. Boniface Spires. 14. Swonder Ice Arena. 15. Editorial Without Words, Sculpture at Hadi Shrine, Riverside Drive and Walnut Street. 16. Barn Quilt at SWIMGA Display Gardens.  17. Ford Center.  18. Santa on U.S. Highway 41. 19. Damsel’s mural, North Wabash Street. 20. Big Top Restaurant, W. Maryland Street. 21. Gerst Haus, Franklin Street. 22. Peters-Margedent House, University of Evansville. 23. Hulman Building. 24. Evansville Museum Moon Gate. 25. Solar Charging Tree at Mickey’s Kingdom

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Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen is the managing editor of Evansville Living and Evansville Business magazines.

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