6 (or 5) Degrees of Separation

These musicians mix their talents with other trending artists

Jon Hyneman
Jon Hyneman educated more than 2,000 students while a band teacher for the North Gibson School Corporation before retiring last year. Perhaps the city’s best jazz bassist, Hyneman stays busy performing with The Pits and picking up gigs in jazz ensembles, including The Sidemen with …

Bob Green
The multi-instrumentalist’s sax and piano skills can be appreciated by all every week at the Piano Bar at Cavanaugh’s. Green performs in The Sidemen with Hyneman and drummer Pat Moore, who founded and formerly owned Moore Music. Bob Green also gigs regularly with Evansville music royalty Gina Moore and with …

Monte Skelton
If a list of Evansville music celebrities were created, Monte Skelton would be at the top. It’d be an impressive feat if you lived in the region and hadn’t seen him play either sax, bass, or his unique instrument, the EWI, an electronic wind instrument that gives him multitudes of sounds to loop and build upon. Skelton has performed with tons of musicians and groups, and has no problem sitting in on a session, including gigs he’s played with …

Theophilus Akai
Theophilus Akai’s guitar skills have taken him out of Evansville’s bar scene and landed him on premier recordings and big stages, including June’s CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee, with Hueston. His recording and session work was streamed 1.3 million times in 2023. You may have seen Theophilus Akai perform with Dekar Justus as well as Osiella, a project that included …

Cynthia Bourne
The former Cynthia Murray has shared her powerhouse vocals with the region for most of her entire adult life. Bourne, who recently married musician and writer Freddie Bourne, is known for her band Cynthia Murray & The End Times, as well as her work with Stephen Anthony. She also used to perform with The Pits, which includes … Jon Hyneman. Full circle!

Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen is the managing editor of Evansville Living and Evansville Business magazines.

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