7 Minutes to Heaven

Thanks to the stylish and effective Zoku Quick Pop Maker, the wait for the neighborhood ice-cream truck is over. Zoku’s patented design uses no electricity, and freezes ice pops (including the cream variety) in as little as seven minutes.

Store the Pop Maker in your freezer, and when the urge for frozen treats hits, pull it out and set it on the counter; pour in the mixture of ingredients, such as fresh fruit, fruit juice, and a little sugar; and let the Pop Maker go to work. About seven minutes later, your frozen treats are ready. The Pop Maker can produce nine pops before requiring a freezer refresh, so you’ll have a few treats on hand before you need to make more.

Find the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and accessories locally at Macy’s, or online at zokuhome.com and amazon.com.

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