94 Percent

94 percent — that would be the mark I would receive for the quantity of this blog since Evansville Living launched it on Christmas Eve 2012. This is the 49th post. I believe in continuous improvement, so I will strive to post 52 times in 2014. I have plenty to write about each week in 300 Words.

So, what topics have I posted about? Four posts were about Evansville issues — poles, parks, pools, and the new downtown hotel. My personal interests (but not yoga, surprisingly … yet) were the subjects of 12 posts. Architecture, largely of my own street, Lombard Avenue, covered seven posts. Two blog posts were about cooking or baking. I wrote about the magazine business three times. Travel was the subject of seven posts. I wrote about the Tucker Publishing Group staff, teachers, Indiana University basketball, and our pets. Twice I wrote about the weather. I wrote about the Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden’s fabulous winter respite event, Orchid Escape (coming soon!), and I wrote about Downton Abbey — among other topics that I didn’t note in a quick scan of the roughly 14,700 words for the year in the blog.

If you have a topic you would like me to consider exploring in “300 Words,” please send me a note to letters@evansvilleliving.com.

To close the year, I’ll again leave you a few words short.  I wish the year 2014 to bring you peace, and what you need.

Submitted by Kristen Tucker on 12/30/2013

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