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A Good Impression

We’ve all heard “image is everything.” I was raised to believe this statement isn’t completely true, but as a designer, I know image is a big part of the way others perceive us – especially when it comes to our home or business.

Landscaping is more than sprinkling a few plants around a building. It is creating a welcoming environment that draws people in and leaves a positive impression. It showcases your personality and pride in your home or business.

As seasons change, often we don’t consider that a landscape is ever changing as well. Plants grow, plants die; a landscape stagnates and needs refreshing. Our landscapes and yards must be tended. You only have to take a quick drive around town to notice the negative effects of neglected landscapes. Maintaining your landscape investment can be challenging, but with a few simple tips, you can enhance your curb appeal.

Weeds and Litter
Pulling weeds and picking up litter has a major impact. A messy, littered environment creates a bad impression and sends the message that you don’t care or take pride in yourself or your work.

Re-mulching on a regular basis enhances the look of a landscape. It adds beneficial nutrients and protects the plants while reducing the number of weeds. 

If a plant or tree dies, replace it. If the original plant type no longer works, consult your local garden center to find one that will.

Trim overgrown plants or develop a maintenance program to manage the landscape throughout the year so it doesn’t become unsightly.

Add Color
Annual flowers add a pop of color and excitement to the landscape. Use your favorite colors or flowers to really draw attention to your style.

Planters can be used to enhance entrances, patios, or to soften an area where in-ground plantings aren’t possible. This simple investment can make an otherwise bland area attractive.

Unique Plants
There are plants as unique as you or your business. Look for uncommon or character plants with a unique growth habit or flower or a colorful leaf or berry. Like a piece of jewelry, look for something that excites you and shows off your personality.

Try Something Different
Don’t get stuck in a rut with your lawn, doing what you have always done or what everyone else does. Do something different.

— Brian Wildeman is a designer with Landscapes by Dallas Foster

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