A Need for Caffeine

Dwell Coffee Co. helps keep Darmstadt running

Kate Potter often looked across Darmstadt Road at an empty former Old National Bank branch and pondered its potential.

She eventually decided, along with her husband, Matt, to acquire the building. The 15-minute drive to Evansville’s First Avenue for fresh-brewed coffee was too far, the Potters believed. So they decided to bring a local option to Darmstadt, Indiana, in the form of Dwell Coffee Co.

Dwell Coffee Co. has hot and cold drinks and a variety of breakfast and lunch items.
Photo provided by Dwell Coffee Co.

It opened at 13221 Darmstadt Road in January 2022 only three days before the Potters’ fourth child was born. It’s since become a place for locals to caffeinate and gather.

“The only thing in the town before was the Darmstadt Inn, and I felt there was a need for somewhere else to congregate that’s not a restaurant or bar,” Kate says.

Dwell offers sandwiches, wraps, and pastries, plus a long list of coffees and noncoffee drinks. A popular drink is American Honey – a nod to Kate’s other business – a concoction of espresso, milk, honey, and cinnamon.

The shop has a rustic look, with tables sitting atop animal skin rugs. Matt is from Colorado, and he and Kate thought the look fit the store’s mood. Potter opened American Honey Market – a screen print and embroidery boutique – five years ago. Matt works full-time for UPS, and Kate says the two small businesses and four children keep the family busy.

Fortunately, the Potters and others in Darmstadt no longer have to go far for a jolt of caffeine. Dwell Coffee Co. is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mon- day through Saturday.

“The town needs it,” Kate says.

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