Amy Romain Barron

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in public management, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

FAMILY: Husband Josh and three children, Caroline, 11; Ellie, 8; and Lila, 5

In her position as Vice President of United Companies, Amy Romain Barron has made a career out of working in the family business. She is the third generation and is involved in the daily business operations of United Leasing & Finance, Romain Automotive Group, and PTI. She also is a member of the companies’ Steering Committee, which is responsible for leading the Quality Improvement Process within the organization.

 What was the first job you held at Romain Automotive?

I was a cashier in the service department. It was important that I learned the business from the ground up.

 When did you feel you were truly destined for a life-long career in the family business?

I always was interested in the family business. During my freshman year of college, however, I thought briefly about pursuing my love of chemistry primarily due to a great teacher (Brian Dougan) at North High School. After just one chemistry class at IU, I knew it wasn’t for me.

 What do you think you would you be doing if you weren’t at United Companies?

I think it still would be something in business.

 Tell me three duties you would likely do in any given day.

Most of my time is spent in meetings and working directly with my team. However, I get involved in many aspects of all of our businesses on a daily basis. I also enjoy interacting with the customers whenever I can.

 Is there an area you are most passionate about civically?

Causes supporting education, children, and growing our community.

 What would surprise someone about United Companies?

My dad has lunch with every new hire. I think it’s important to take time to make sure new employees understand our mission, values, and philosophies and that we are excited to have them join our company.

For more information about United Leasing & Finance, call 812-479-0231 or visit

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