Ben Shoulders

Education: Harrison High School graduate; bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana; bank management certificate and Commercial Lending School graduate from the Indiana Bankers Association

Resume: Corporate Relationship Manager and Vice President, Old National Bank, 2013-present; Vanderburgh County Commissioner, District 1, January 2017-present

Family: Wife Shannon; children Emma (7) and twins Sadie (4) and Parker (4)

Faith, family, friends, and community. That is how Ben Shoulders prioritizes his life.

Between his family, position as vice president and corporate relationship manager at Old National Bank, and recent election as commissioner for Vanderburgh County, the 39-year-old knows how to stay busy.

Did you ever imagine as a kid this is what you would be doing now?
I knew I would be in some sort of relationship-driven occupation. I’ve always loved people. I’ve always loved problem solving and collaboration. All the many hats I’ve worn in banking, I honestly can say, have all been related to helping people. The foundation my wife and I try to instill in our children is the same set of values my mother and father instilled in my brother and me.

Is there anything you wish people understood about being commissioner?
I will speak to any local, regional, state, or national elected officials — I have a whole newfound respect for them. When your name is out there, anyone has freedom to critique you at any time. Oftentimes that discourages people from serving in government, so I respect any individual who decides to run for office. What I hope people know is, when people decide to run, they’re doing it to serve and make our community better. At least that’s why I did.

What’s your advice to someone wanting to be more involved in the community?
Find what your passion is, and find someone who already is involved in that organization or has been in the past. Sit down with them and ask how you can be involved. First and foremost, we’re grateful to have people who want to be involved. We need more of that. I truly believe in servant leadership, community engagement, and paying it forward. Individuals who are passionate about making a difference are what make good communities great.

What is your favorite part about living in Evansville?
I think our No. 1 asset in Vanderburgh County is the people. People here are passionate about being from here. Whether you’re from the West Side, East Side, North Side, South Side, there’s a passion in your alma mater, your church, your community I think is second to none.

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