Homemade soda is not only possible, it’s easy — in fact, you can add zing to your water while saving time, money, and the environment (no more plastic bottles to throw away). In fewer than 30 seconds, the lightweight aluminum carbonator forces pressurized carbon dioxide into your bottle and turns ordinary tap water into a refreshing, sparkling beverage. More than 30 flavors — including regular and diet sodas, energy drinks, and tea — can enhance your water, and reusable containers eliminate lugging and storing 2-liter bottles or pallets of bottled water.

What’s more is the one-of-a-kind SodaStream tap-water-to-carbonated-soda system awakens a tired countertop with its sleek décor in a variety of designs and colors. Useful and beautiful — everything you want in a kitchen gadget.

Find SodaStream systems, exchange carbonators, and flavors locally at Kitchen Collection, Kitchen Affairs, Staples, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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