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One of my favorite aspects of living in Evansville — which as I grew up on the mean streets of Newburgh, Ind., was “the big city,” — is the opportunity to have lasting lifelong connections with people who have impacted my life. I’m fortunate that doing what I do for a living, I seem to run across some of these connections on a daily basis. I really enjoyed this issue of Evansville Business because I think we highlight people who truly are the fabric of the community. When Kristen and I first were thinking about starting our publishing company, we were determined to use all of our resources that could be helpful to us. I can still visualize a breakfast meeting in 1998 with Jack Headlee, pictured on the cover (albeit reluctantly on my part, Jack; hey, I have to sell magazines), who then in his role as the owner of the well-known and respected advertising agency Ten Adams was more than willing to share his expertise as we started our company.

An interesting aspect of this is that Jack and my father have been friends my whole life, and now, though retired, he is still someone I have a tendency to run across in the course of my business day. He unfailingly never hesitates to ask me, “How’s business?” and is really interested in the answer.

Also pictured on the cover is Tom Koetting, a mentor with SCORE, who after his own successful career has helped many entrepreneurs with the expertise that he has learned over his long stint in business. Tom is someone who I run into on a very regular basis, as my wife, kids, and me are friends of his family. Thank goodness the man has a good sense of humor.

I know that as an entrepreneur who walked away from the security of corporate life, I have a tremendous appreciation for the wealth of knowledge that these two share with others, helping to ensure success and maybe even create a job or two right here in our community.

I think our fair city owes a collective thank you to Ron Romain. Ron has been a longtime local supporter and philanthropist who has supported too many causes to count. His community profile certainly ratcheted up recently with the Tour’s United Leasing Championship at Victoria National. Ron’s company, United Leasing, was the title sponsor of the national event. To begin such an endeavor takes a tremendous amount of vision, fortitude, and money for it to be successful. He felt the region’s attributes would be very supportive, and was rewarded with a very successful event that showcased our community across the nation.

We need more of these types of efforts. I certainly appreciate and applaud what Ron helped make happen with this terrific event.

Carolyn Barnett is retiring in September. Who would have thought that in a few short months the building on Lincoln Avenue no longer will say “Carolyn’s Fashions.” This gracious and kind lady has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in our region through her support of charitable organizations.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t publicly thank Carolyn (don’t be embarrassed, Carolyn) for her tremendous ongoing support of our publications, both as an advertiser and advocate. She has been with us from the beginning and I have come to appreciate her very much as a client, as well as a quality individual. I am very confident that over the years people will drive past her shop and say, with a bit of nostalgia, “Remember when Carolyn’s was there?” I am also certain that many a lady can look in her closet and remember where they got that fabulous gown. Thanks, Carolyn.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Todd A. Tucker

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