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EXTEND GROUP and VPS Architecture have partnered to launch a new podcast series, @530 on Main, hosted by EXTEND GROUP’s founder and CEO Shawn Collins and VPS Architecture’s Michael Davis. The series is geared toward professionals of all industries interested in the relationship between digital and physical space and how technology has impacted our lives.

“I’m thrilled to begin the @530 on Main experience,” says Collins. “I’m looking forward to the conversation, the collaboration, the feedback, and the key takeaways that will hopefully energize someone to take their next step. @530 on Main will be a unique experience for our listeners. We hope they transfer their knowledge to their peers.”

Four episodes are now live on the EXTEND GROUP website and across multiple podcast platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and TuneIn. The four episodes feature a pilot conversation with Collins and Davis plus three other episodes with guests Lisa Feeley of VPS Architecture, Jason Shelley of AIA Indiana, and Jacob Harper of Harper Guitars.

“I’m really excited to start this new adventure and see where it leads,” says Michael Davis. “Looking forward to having some great conversations with great people.”

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