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Since he moved to Warrick County in 1998, U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon has dedicated more than a decade to serving the River City and its surrounding communities. He’s the former president of Ohio Valley HeartCare, former chief cardiothoracic surgeon for St. Mary’s Medical Center, and served as a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve. Bucshon credits his small-town upbringing in Kincaid, Ill., his wife, and four children for keeping him grounded and focused on family values. This November, Bucshon will run for his second term in congress, but first, we wanted to know a little more about our 8th district representative.

City View: How does your previous position as a chief cardiothoracic surgeon compare to being a congressman?
Congressman Larry Bucshon: I tell people being a doctor and being a member of congress take some of the same skills, so in that respect they are similar. You analyze data and try to make the best decisions in healthcare for the patient, and in congress for the people that you represent and for the county. I think, honestly, being a cardiovascular surgeon was more stressful than being in congress.

CV: What do you want newcomers to know about the Evansville area?
LB: I think once people move to the Evansville area they don’t want to leave because the people are nice and the community is so family-oriented; that’s what my wife and I really like about this area. People here have Midwestern values; there’s a focus on the family with excellent public, parochial, and private school systems, and there’s a surprising amount of activities to do here.

CV: You’re going out to dinner in Evansville; what’s your restaurant of choice?
LB: My kids, wife, and I really like Turoni’s pizza. We are really happy that they opened up another branch in Newburgh, (Ind.). Turoni’s pizza is an Evansville staple, and I love pizza, so as a family, that’s our favorite place to go.

CV: You have a weekend at home. How do you spend a Saturday afternoon with your family?
LB: It depends on whether my kids have sporting events or not, but for the most part we hang around the house. We work together to get some housework done, work out in the yard, and I enjoy spending time throwing the ball around with my boys in the yard.

CV: What’s something our Evansville readers would be surprised to know about their congressman?
LB: My kids got me into ice hockey about eight or nine years ago. I’ve played in a competitive adult league at Swonder (Ice Arena) for many years on Sunday and Monday nights.

CV: When you’re in Washington, D.C., what do you miss about the Evansville area?
LB: Mostly, I miss spending time with my family — my wife and my children. Also, I like more of a small-town atmosphere like I grew up (in).

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