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Let a fresh winter arrangement get you out of a cold snap

Winter invites a special beauty outdoors. Rather than shiver in the cold, why not admire nature’s beauty by bringing it indoors? Whitney Muncy, owner of Emerald Design in Downtown Evansville, says seasonal floral arrangements aren’t limited to Christmas decorations.

“I like to start with a lot of ever- green branches,” Muncy says, emphasizing their role in structuring a wintry look. “I also use Carolina Sapphire Cypress, pine, or spruce branches in seasonal arrangements.”

She says many people think of snow-dipped artificial greenery when considering winter decorations, so Muncy suggests blue and white flowers to accompany and complement the green branches. For texture, pinecones can serve as a rustic addition.

Photo by Zach Straw

If you’d prefer your arrangement have more color, Muncy recommends using a burgundy color palette brought out by blooms such as ranunculus or safari sunset flowers.

“Red winter berries are another great way to give a seasonal vibe and reflect what we see outside,” she says.

In terms of creating the arrangements, Muncy likes to follow a set of rules. Start by using two or three types of greenery that contrast in shape or size. Select an odd number of line flowers that draw the eyes upward or consider others that drape down over the vase. Then, choose a focal flower that is larger and a smaller secondary flower. For the finishing touch, a wispy floral or greenery adds length. In this creation, Muncy uses white snapdragon as the line flower, roses as the focal flower, and spray roses and thistle as supporting florals.

To best plan or order your next seasonal arrangement, think about where you want to place it, as Muncy says flower height can derail an arrangement’s preferred location. If you’d rather decorate with something other than flowers, Emerald Design offers fresh holiday wreaths. These foliage rings bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, filling your space with comfort during the chilly months.

Now that you have your winter arrangement, let’s keep it in top shape. Whitney Muncy offers these tips for help- ing your flowers stay healthy and happy during winter.
• Maintain water as clean as you’d want to drink, and regularly switch it out
• Don’t let petals or leaves fall into the water because they can cause bacteria
• Avoid setting your arrangement near hot or cool drafts, open windows, and in direct sunlight

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Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen is the managing editor of Evansville Living and Evansville Business magazines.

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