Creative Opportunity

Two years ago, Begley Art Source and its director, Chris Jackson, seized an opportunity. After a number of years spent on the sixth floor of 915 Main St., Chris and her fellow Begley employee, Joycelyn Todisco, moved to the first floor of the Landmark Building.

With its open spaces and large, white walls, Suite 108 is an ideal fit for what Begley Art Source hopes to accomplish.

Begley is hired by companies or individuals to commission works of art or to provide original works of art. The division of the Evansville Museum Shop then matches the client with an artist or a specific work of art. Major clients include Vectren, Old National Bank, and Berry Plastics.

Because the office serves as an art gallery, the space afforded by its layout is crucial. “The character and openness of the space works to enhance the original artwork,” Jackson says.

Having previously served as a photography studio for about 15 years, the office was essentially ready for Begley from the moment it moved in; however, there was one distinct change. In the middle of the office, there now stands a partition wall to hang smaller works of art and to maximize the space the larger walls offer.

Jackson hopes Begley’s work brings awareness to all the great benefits original art has to offer. She also stresses that all proceeds benefit the Evansville Museum, educational programs, and other community endeavors of the museum.

For more information about Begley Art Source, call 812-402-2180 or visit

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