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Discover the Cover

Need some help identifying the Evansville icons we’ve placed on the cover of City View 2011? This key should do the trick.

Old Courthouse tower: The dome of the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse, built in 1891. (“Order in the Old Courthouse,” City View 2011)

Main Street wheel: Paddlewheel on the arch at Second and Main streets. (“The Transit Mall Paddlewheel,” Evansville Living May/June 2007)

Aces cards: Casino Aztar — or the University of Evansville Purple Aces.

Ghost and book: Willard Library, said to be haunted by its own ghost, the Grey Lady. (“Secrets of the City,” City View 2008)

Family: Married with kids? Evansville has plenty for you. (“A Perfect Day in Evansville,” City View 2009)

Four Freedoms: The Four Freedoms Monument on the Riverfront.

Dinosaur: Millie, the Tyrannosaurus rex welcoming visitors to the Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville. (“On the Right Quack,” City View 2007)

Cherries: The city’s various farmers’ markets, including the Downtown Farmers’ Market. (“Market City,” City View 2010)

Skyline: Cover, City View 2002.

All-America City: This distinctive sign on U.S. 41 South denotes that Evansville has been named an “All-America City” by the National Civic League. (“Profits in Partnership, City View 2008)

Basketball: We may be located in the state’s southwest tip, but we aren’t immune to Hoosier hysteria.

Snowflakes/sun/fall leaf: Evansville experiences four distinct seasons.

Marchand bridge: The Joan Marchand Bridge, part of the Pigeon Creek Greenway Passage. (“Why We Love This Town,” City View 2010)

Festival ticket: The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, Catholic summer socials, German festivals, and other community events (“The First Full Week in October,” City View 2008; “Hot Ticket,” City View 2010; and “Bring Out the Wurst,” City View 2011)

Main Street Sign: Cover, City View 2009

Movie camera: Much of A League of Their Own was filmed in Evansville. (City View 2011)

Baseball: The historic Bosse Field is home to the Evansville Otters, a Frontier League baseball team.

Bicycle: Evansville offers plenty of bike paths (“Evansville’s Prime Paths,” City View 2007), plus a BMX track at Burdette Park. (“Dirt Road Warriors,” City View 2011)

Cross/Star of David: Evansville’s rich faith traditions. (“Binding Us Fast,” City View 2008)

Post Office window: A window in the Old Post Office, on Second Street between Sycamore and Vine streets.

Warhol painting: A painting by Andy Warhol hangs in the Evansville Museum. (“Pink Lady,” City View 2011)

Runner: The Evansville Half Marathon. (“Why We Love This Town,” City View 2010)

LST 325: The LST 325, a World War II-era ship docked in Evansville. (“52 Things to Do to Call Yourself an Evansvillian,” City View 2007)

Pizza: A few of our favorite places to grab a slice of cheesy goodness: Turoni’s Pizzery and Brewery, Roca Bar and Pizza, and The Slice.

METS trolley: Old-fashioned public transit through the Metropolitan Evansville Transit System.

Brain Sandwich: A Fall Festival favorite. (“The First Full Week in October,” City View 2008)

Beer Stein: Our heritage is so German. (“Bring Out the Wurst,” City View 2011)

Man Walking Dog: Central Bark Dog Park. (“Why We Love This Town,” City View 2010)

Greyhound: The iconic Greyhound bus station Downtown. (“Why We Love This Town,” City View 2010)

Medical Cross: St. Mary’s and Deaconess health systems

Football: High school football happens every Friday night, and Reitz High School is good. (“Coach Tony Lewis,” City View 2009).

Bridge over Ohio River: The Twin Bridges that link Indiana with Kentucky. (“Secrets of the City,” City View 2008)

Jumping Fish: Cool art on the river. (Cover, City View 2004)

Tree in Four Seasons: A state champion tree on the Evansville State Hospital grounds. (“State Champion Provides Four Seasons of Beauty,” City View 2007)

East Side vs. West Side: Rival revelry. (“Why We Love This Town,” City View 2010)

Orchid: Inside Amazonia, a Mesker Park Zoo attraction, the temperature is perfect for orchids. (“Evansville Gone Wild,” City View 2009)

Circus Tent: Thanksgiving means the Hadi Shrine Circus. (“Pure Evansville,” City View 2009)

41 Road Sign: U.S. Highway 41 — also known as Stoplight City — connects Evansville to Kentucky and our northern neighbors.

Train: Emtrac, the Evansville Museum Transportation Center. (“Historian Tom Lonnberg,” City View 2009)

Key to the City: Cover, City View 2006

Piano/Violin: We like music. (“Why We Love This Town,” City View 2010)

Graduation Hat: The River City is home to three colleges or universities. (“Educating Evansville,” City View 2009)

Vintage Car: Frog Follies car event. (“52 Things to Do to Call Yourself an Evansvillian,” City View 2007)

Ice Skate: Swonder Ice Arena. (“Evansville’s New Ice Arena,” City View 2003)

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