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Priming the Pump

Drivers in Downtown Evansville no longer have to go far to top off their tanks. In October 2017, a new Marathon gas station opened at the corner of Eighth Street and Bellemeade Avenue.

“I like the location here,” says owner Gulshan Gora. “We don’t have any other gas stations here, so we opened one.”

This is the second location for Gora, who also owns the station at East Riverside Drive and Kentucky Avenue. Previously, the closest station to Downtown was the Marathon at the corner of Fulton Avenue and Division Street. With the new Marathon, Downtown residents not only have a close place to fill their tanks, but also have access to a convenience store with grocery and food items.

“The property was already zoned for that type of project,” says Ron London, executive director of the Area Plan Commission. “We’re seeing a revitalization that’s happening in the city’s core. I think it’s a positive outlet for the city.”

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