In a Word: Change

We asked three community influencers to share their thoughts on one word: CHANGE

“When I think of change, the word ‘possibility’ instantly comes to mind. With calculated and thoughtful change, possibility exists. That kind of change opens the door for the exceptional. I often hear people claim to be open to change; but when it comes right down to it, they are reluctant and afraid of the consequences of doing things differently, which can squash opportunity. So, perhaps the bigger consideration is how one navigates through opportunities for change, not merely what the concept means.

I believe I am typically someone who hungers for change, though I am certainly aware that, while I desire to be a change agent, I, too, am sometimes hesitant to make big changes quickly. There’s something to be said about, ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ Why change just to change? I think it’s wise to always consider new ways of doing things, but it’s even wiser to know when change isn’t necessary or isn’t the best solution.”

Werling is Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at the University of Evansville.

“What the word change means to me is the ability to push beyond our comfort levels for the betterment of our lives. I actually have a difficult time with change. In a perfect world, maybe nothing would ever change, but then we would never experience the greatness change can bring to our lives. Sometimes in life you have to push yourself rather uncomfortably to reach a certain goal. Change can be downright scary, but to grow emotionally, mentally, and professionally it is a necessity.

There has been a lot of change in my life in recent years. Some fortunate and unfortunate times have helped make me a stronger person. I think change should be embraced. Continue forward to the future and great rewards will follow.”

Stepto is the owner of Pet Food Centers.

“‘Change? Change! Did you say Change!? Why? What is wrong with the way things are today?’ Imagine if that was the thinking of everyone who has walked this place since, well, since we decided to start walking upright. Our own community is fairly resistant to change. I have lived here my entire life, and I have yet to figure out why this is.

The first reaction to a change that might move this community forward seems to be to push back hard, rather than consider carefully where that change might take us. Change is, after all, inevitable. Instead of wasting negative energy with an immediate negative response, next time the area tries to move forward, sit back and see where change might take us. It sure makes for a happier and more fun life.”

Miller is the vice president and a wealth advisor at Hilliard Lyons.

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