August / September 2011

Evansville Business

Rock Stars

The rock beneath your feet has a name: the Illinois Basin. This type of rock covers much of its namesake state, but it also spreads throughout Southwest Indiana and Western Kentucky. Much of the rock is a mixture of limestone,

A Family Affair

Curled up next to his grandmother, 4-year-old Brody couldn’t resist: “Mimi, your hair’s not looking good,” he said, referring to her bald head. “I asked Jesus to make you better. Are you better?” It was the kind of innocent honesty

Back Talk

David Smith

Job: Superintendent, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation. Hometown: Evansville His Story: In July 2011, Smith began his first month heading the third largest public school corporation in Indiana. He replaces a departing Vince Bertram, who crafted a new strategic plan for

Business Front

That’s So Random

My boys are fond of saying, “That’s so random,” when someone makes a comment out of left field. But sometimes you just have to say what’s on your mind. In this case, there are a lot of great things going

‘Turf’ Guy

Tony Kemp’s day starts at 5:30 a.m. Fifteen minutes later, he wipes sweat from his brow. For the golf course superintendent, it will be the first of many wipes throughout the day. Kemp is familiar with the sticky, sweat-soaked summers

Sugar Shocked

Amy and Steve Bouchie’s vending machine resembles the same chubby apparatus taking refuge inside nearly every office building or school, welcoming travelers at most highway rest stops, and beckoning to passersby with snacks to quench midday hunger pangs. Aside from

Stock It to Me

Like roller coasters? You’ll love these two stomach-churners: the Dow Jones Beast and the S&P 500 Raven. The economic quarter that ended June 30 included a quick 4 percent ride upward into early May, followed by a 7 percent drop

Seven Ways to Become a Speaking Star

Imagine that you have unlimited resources to design a speech that will make you the hottest commodity on the market, inspire your sales force, or close more sales. Where would you go to get the best, highest-priced writers and directors

Born Again

In March 2011, on their makeshift scaffold inside Rolling Hills Country Club, electricians began their task: to piece together — one arm at a time — a 325-pound, Swarovski crystal chandelier. When they finished four days later, the stunning fixture

Necessity – The Mother of Reinvention

The days of getting a good job at a solid company and giving them your undying devotion while they reciprocate until your date of retirement — when they throw you a quaint party, give you a gold watch, and provide

Interstate Debate

An ambitious and much ballyhooed plan exists to connect Canada to Mexico with one single, nonstop interstate. Such an undertaking would boost the economy and pump millions of dollars of commerce into areas surrounding the major highway. A part of

Online Exclusives

Link Up

This bimonthly feature brings the Internet to your city. No Google search required. Orange You Glad You Have Them? Entrepreneurs Amy and Steve Bouchie join the August/September issue to tout their new healthy vending machines (“Sugar Shocked”). Their 10 new

David Smith, EVSC Superintendent

In the August/September issue of Evansville Business magazine, we introduced readers to David Smith. The new superintendent of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation replaces a departing Vince Bertram, who crafted a new strategic plan for EVSC. That vision included a