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Whether you have lived in Evansville your entire life or are passing through for only a few days, Evansville City View offers you an illustrated pullout map to tour your town. Be a tourist in your own city and visit

Rise & Dine

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With a bounty of diners, cafés, and restaurants in Evansville, it’s hard to pick just one place to visit for some early-morning fuel. Here’s a list of

Who Knew

Collegiate Commendation

Evansville, unlike most Indiana cities, is home to not one, but two successful four-year universities — the University of Southern Indiana and the University of Evansville. The two schools have been a notable part of the Evansville community and culture

River City Revealed

The More The Merrier

Archery and lacrosse have caught fire as club sports among high schools in the Evansville-Newburgh areas. Teams in both sports play at the club level at most schools in the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp., Catholic Diocese of Evansville Schools, and at

In The Know

Hole in One

For many years, the fate of Oak Meadow Country Club was unknown. Suffering from a major fire in 1997, and later attempting to climb out of financial distress, it wasn’t until David and Karen Blankenberger purchased the membership-owned club that

Markets Galore

From savoring produce at the peak of freshness to meeting the people who grow your food, there are countless reasons to learn to live like a locavore. Taste real flavors, buy in season, support family farmers, nourish yourself, and know

Community Advocate

In 2015, Evansville residents took to the polls in November to decide on who would be mayor of the city for the next four years. Up against competition from Democrat Gail Riecken and Independent Steve Wozniak, incumbent mayor Lloyd Winnecke

Interview Evansville

Nature Man

When in need of a break, John Scott Foster, executive director of the Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, has the unique opportunity to get up from his desk and take a walk in the woods. “This is just such a fabulous

On the Move

When Barb Dykstra was about to graduate from the University of Evansville in 1986, the sports management major and star basketball player realized she couldn’t bear to say goodbye to the athletics world. (Dykstra is now a member of UE’s

Honoring a Tragedy

Every day, University of Evansville faculty member Joe Atkinson walks past the “Weeping Basketball” in the Memorial Plaza on campus. Stone slabs are etched with the 29 names of members of the Aces men’s basketball team who lost their lives

Building Evansville

Redefining Moment

A city will see many momentous occasions during its lifetime. From natural events and political races to business openings and war industry, Evansville has had its fair share of memorable moments in history. One modern-day event sure to stick in

Business Center

On the banks of the Ohio River, many local manufacturing businesses saw the abundant supply of corn, rail access, and a willing work force as an ideal location to settle. Several family-owned businesses have continued operations through multiple generations and

What We Do

Full Throttle

When Aaron Johnson was little, his mother took him to the Evansville Freedom Festival, not to watch the full-throttle, full-sized hydroplane boat races the Freedom Festival was known for, but to see the opening act — a miniature boat race

What We Like

Burgoo King

On June 6, 1906, the Washington Post asked, “Who, excepting Kentuckians and their favored Southern Friends and kinsmen, has ever really known the bliss of genuine burgoo?” We believe those mentioned include rural Vanderburgh County residents. Burgoo, a spicy hearty

Career Path

Real World Now

It’s the highest ranked local school you’ve never heard of. New Tech Institute was named by U.S. News and World Report as one of the Nation’s Best High Schools in spring 2015. Located at 1901 Lynch Road in the same

Historic Preservation

County Scholars

For those in the area who have a love of history and a thirst for knowledge of Evansville’s and Vanderburgh County’s pasts, the Vanderburgh County Historical Society (VCHS) offers a camaraderie of like-minded individuals and a chance to add to