February/March 2023

Evansville Business

Home Base

While many accomplished athletes and celebrities flee their hometowns for greener pastures, retired Major League Baseball player Don Mattingly’s love affair with Evansville continues unabated. “There are a number of reasons,” says Mattingly, who soon will begin his first season

A New ‘LYFE’

A diabetes diagnosis in 2006 hit Mohamed Aly hard. The self-described “foodie” mourned the tastes he thought he could no longer enjoy, with pizza topping the list. Eventually, though, Aly turned sadness into action. Using no-carbohydrate ingredients, he took a

One Big Errand

If it is true that a characteristic of an adventurous person is the habit of not taking the same route to an often-traveled destination, I must be fairly adventurous. My 4.3-mile commute to work Downtown can involve the Lloyd Expressway,

Building Evansville

Walking a Mile in Their Shoes

An estimated 350 people — men, women, seniors, and children — experience homelessness in Evansville annually. While that number may seem small to some, it takes a significant number of resources to attend to the city’s homeless population. Those experiencing

Back Talk

Aaron Huff

EDUCATION: William Henry Harrison High School; Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Ball State University; Master of Science, Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services, Indiana State University; Doctor of Education, Superintendency and Educational System Administration, Indiana University RESUME: Culver Elementary School site

Business Front

Up in Smoke

In the span of less than three months, Evansville has experienced two large warehouse fires that sent smoke into the sky. But that is where the similarities between the pair of fires end. Evansville Fire Department Division Chief Mike Larson

A Fresh Start

After 13 years in business, the creative minds behind Shannon Aleksandr’s Salon & Spa wanted to change up the salon’s look. Inspiration sparked at January 2019’s Redken Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, and turned a dream into reality. While in

Swimming for Success

We’ve seen the videos. An enthusiastic dog jumps into the lake and happily swims about to everyone’s delight. In reality, that’s not often a natural occurrence. Janice Stamps, the founder of Canine Aquatic Center, explains how people mistakenly think their

‘That’s Just Breasha’

It’s easy to see why Breasha Pruitt is among the 25 people honored with the Positive Coaching Alliance’s 2022 National Double-Goal Coach Award. As the owner of and instructor at Breasha Pruitt Elite Gymnastics at 2949 N. St. Joseph Ave.,

In Focus

Editor's Note: Rumjahn Gallery & Framery announced Nov. 29 that it would close Dec. 23. Operators stated they plan to fulfill orders as usual through Dec. 23.  We choose the art we place in our homes for many reasons, but


Water Works

Downtown Evansville drivers for weeks have been diverted by a series of road closures stemming from the same project. Its full name is a mouthful: Toyota Trinity Stormwater Park Combined Sewer System Separation Project. It’s one piece of Evansville’s consent