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Event Regroup

How has the Evansville convention scene fared through COVID-19?

For Evansville, the economic impact sustained from canceled conventions, sports games, and large-scale events due to COVID-19 has been unfortunate — 26 events during the summer and fall have been lost.

“What we’re experiencing locally is the same trend that’s impacting us nationally,” says Visit Evansville President and CEO Jim Wood. “The impact on Evansville is felt by the hotels, the transportation, retail, attractions, and restaurant sectors.”

Unfortunately, it is hard to predict just how conventions will continue to be affected in 2021. For Evansville, 2021 has seven large-scale events booked, with four more in discussion for the future. Deaconess Sports Complex and the Goebel Soccer Complex will host 35 to 40 tournaments.

“Though conventions and meetings will likely be scaled back, we are generally optimistic Evansville will bounce back,” says Wood. “Our sales team is working very hard to book meetings and conventions as far out as 2025.”


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