In A Word: Dilemma

Jan Meeks

“The first thing to come to mind when hearing of a dilemma is a value/morals choice. There’s no “dilemma” in deciding to act or not unless there is a negative impact because of one of the choices. The recent COVID rules have caused a “dilemma” in that a number of children who need to be rescued from abusive situations are not in school where teachers and counselors can see they are in trouble. The quandary of school or no school is a no-win choice for these kids — abused at home or potential virus at school. A true dilemma.”

Jan Meeks is the principal broker and owner of Summit Real Estate Services.

Maureen and Nick Barton

“Dilemmas are inevitable. The bright side is they provide a growth opportunity for teams and organizations. Identifying facts/data of all possible solutions from a 360-degree lens is the first step for us. Then removing fear of the unknown outcome and setting a common goal to strategize together along with company values, mission, and processes — that’s when the real work begins! Once solved, the desirable outcome creates confidence and a team cohesiveness.”

Nick and Maureen Barton are owners of Barton Automotive Services, and Maureen also serves as executive director of the EVSC Foundation.

Siobhan Pietruszkiewicz

“What is a dilemma? A delay or an opportunity? A source of frustration or a segue for inspiration? You choose how you respond, and that choice influences the outcome. Do you pause, step back, exhale, and look at the situation using a wider lens? Do you let go of the frustration you feel mounting as you take time away from more pressing matters? Realistically, if you can get past the change in your momentum, the delay, there is the possibility of something more … allow yourself to feel inspired, take a risk, be bold, and let go of the “way it’s always been done.” Is this where preparation meets opportunity to create a breakthrough?”

Siobhan Pietruszkiewicz, LCSW, is the first lady of the University of Evansville.

Crystal Wildeman

“Dilemmas: life’s puzzles. Unlike jigsaw puzzles, real dilemmas have no perfect answer. Dilemmas present two undesirable outcomes and, therefore, can cause incredible heartache and stress. I believe that overwhelming situations often become more manageable when you enlist your trusted friends or advisors. Perhaps that is why dilemmas exist — what may seem an unfortunate choice may actually be an opportunity for growth.”

Crystal Wildeman is a partner at Wooden McLaughlin LLP.

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