“Everybody’s so different, I haven’t changed”

“Pete” — Evansville’s own man of mystery. Since 1990, Pete has offered up the spirit of the holiday season with the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center selected as the recipient of his generosity. This gentleman (who chooses to remain anonymous) has, I like to believe, enjoyed himself immensely by giving without expectation and from his heart. He now has donated nearly $90,000, with all of the money going to help and serve kids.

I know I have long been fascinated by the way the gifts are given — usually preceded by a phone call and followed by a search for the gift on the Rehabilitation Center’s grounds. I do believe no one knows who Pete really is. And like many others, I have racked my brain over my desire to know who he is, but think I would be disappointed if the mystery were taken away. It would never be the same.

“Pete,” whomever you are, I think I speak for many when I simply say, “May God bless you, sir.”

In our feature, “Downtown Upswing” beginning on page 22, we document some, not all, of the amazing things going on in Evansville’s Downtown. To provide a bit of insight, this story came out of so many happenings occurring at once that I simply could not mentally (insert joke here) keep track, and it’s a short oval.

I also was surprised by the amount of well-informed people apparently unaware of what was underway in their backyards due to the sheer volume of the projects. I hope you enjoy being a part of our mission here: to inform and entertain. I know everyone here at Tucker Publishing Group was glad to be brought “up to speed” and maybe even learned something. Nah.

I can hear some of you now: “Ok, Tucker. One photo of you is bad enough. What’s up with all of these?”
Well, I despise having my picture taken (and name badges, but that’s for another time). This proves a bit problematic for someone with a publisher’s letter six times a year. Hey, we all have our quirks, right Talcum Powder Guy?

My mother-in-law would make us pose for shots on holidays and other get-togethers. While a wonderful lady and mother-in-law, it drove me and my two brothers-in-law crazy. Part of why I go to tremendous lengths to avoid the process. My dog Jed recently took his turn being featured in a publisher’s photo. A lady’s hand throwing a drink in my face and other ideas keep things creative. But no amount of incessant nagging — er, “friendly reminders” — seem to help either.

So I let our staff pull some oldies out of the archives in lieu of having another portrait shot. I don’t know what the thought process was for judging some of these, but I would guess none.

As for the title of this column — sorry for dragging you into my column, Joe, but you were awesome in Louisville, Kentucky, a few months back.

May everyone enjoy their best holiday season…well, ever. 

Todd A. Tucker

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