Gaining Momentum

Evansville’s newest mixed-use development is gaining momentum as construction begins on new roads, restaurants, retail stores, and sidewalks.

The Promenade Development — located on 215 acres bordered by Columbia Street, Burkhardt and Oak Grove roads, and Interstate 69 — is set to become a lifestyle development that will attract people who want to live, work, and play in one space, according to Andy Martin, The Martin Group’s vice president of development.

Currently, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Zaxby’s, and Old National Bank are tenants. Burger King will break ground to the north of Zaxby’s by the time this issue goes to print, with Fresh Thyme grocery store not far behind, according to public records.

Evansville Business featured The Promenade in the story “Point of Sale” in the June/July 2014 issue. At that time, only Academy was under construction. Since then, The Martin Group President Steve Martin and his team have steadily been working to negotiate leases with new tenants. Because of confidentiality agreements within contracts, Martin cannot disclose its newest negotiations, but says there are “some very exciting things coming for Evansville.”

“We are developing the east side and west side of this development first, and the middle will be the last thing we’ll develop,” says Steve Martin.

The Martin Group used private funds to re-reroute streets and put in wide sidewalks to make traffic safer and more streamlined in and around the development, designed for its walkability. The streets along Burkhardt Road will begin within the next couple weeks, with others starting in the spring.

“Once those streets are in, there will be a lot of activity,” says Steve Martin, noting his company, as the developer, sells the land to businesses that must adhere to high standards of architecture.

“We have enough activity right now that if everybody took action that wanted to, we would fill every lot along Burkhardt,” says Chris Stuard, director of real estate services for The Martin Group.

“It’s a great time to see this happen because the economy seems to be vibrant right now,” says Steve Martin. “I think by next Christmas, you will see a significant change out there.” 

For more information about The Promenade, call 812-491-3333 or visit

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