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EVSC Foundation executive director Maureen Barton finds she is challenged by narrowing the foundation’s purpose into a one-minute speech to new people.

“We are not a one-issue, student benefit organization,” she says. “We tackle everything from poverty and hardships to professional development for educators.”

Established in 2008, the foundation operates on a mission to expand educational opportunities for students of EVSC by developing partnerships in the community. For the staff and board members of the foundation, serving the students is a responsibility they take seriously.

“We’re all faced with doing more with less,” says foundation board member and Ten Adams president Jon Headlee. “The foundation plays a role that enables the school corporation to continue to do more when they are faced with the challenges of stretching state funding dollars.”

The group works to help many programs available to the more than 22,000 EVSC students — from fine arts, student tutoring, scholarships, and athletic training to emergency housing, the Hangers clothing resource center, and more. Nearly 100 EVSC programs are financially supported in some fashion by the foundation each year, says Barton.

Because there are so many avenues to give, the EVSC Foundation helps donors or volunteers tailor donations of money and time to programs they are passionate about, explains Barton.

“EVSC is in the center of a great community,” she says. “From corporate sponsors to individuals and alumni, we have a giving community in Evansville and in southern Indiana.”

As the organization moves into its 10th year, Barton and Headlee say the foundation will continue to build community awareness of the needs of EVSC students.

“We have some great stories, and we have some great successes,” says Barton. “But there are so many more things we can do.”

For more information on EVSC Foundation, call 812-435-0913 or visit evscfoundation.org.

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