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Face the Music

Band or DJ? It’s a timeless question of reception planning, and today’s cost-conscious brides increasingly are choosing a third option: an MP3 player.

Of course, each choice has its pros and cons. DJs are more affordable than live music, and an experienced DJ will keep your reception moving. The top reason to choose a band? Live music is more dramatic and emotional, says Brides magazine. If you opt for the do-it-yourself approach by using an MP3 player, you’ll save some money, and you’re guaranteed to like the music that plays — no “Chicken Dance” surprises for you. This option is better for smaller gatherings, advises Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. A word of caution: Borrow a backup device or two, preloaded with your playlist. Let’s face it, gadgets crash, and they don’t make exceptions for your wedding day.

Whichever music-maker you choose for your wedding reception, pick tunes that reflect your tastes. Communicate with your band or DJ: What are your all-time favorite songs? What kind of music do you listen to for everyday enjoyment? Are there songs or styles of music you simply can’t stand?

Your answers will guide your song selections. Although your musical preferences are important, so are your guests’ — and at weddings, the crowd often is diverse. Your college friends may love dancing to “Get Low,” but silver-haired Aunt Ida from Iowa may not be so enthused. Your playlist should include diverse genres of music that appeal to several generations of partygoers. One surefire way to please everyone? On your RSVP cards, include a line for each person to request a song. Guests are guaranteed to hit the dance floor for their own picks — even Aunt Ida.

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