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With the rise of the “shop local” movement and efforts to be more conscious of where food comes from and who is producing and harvesting it, going to the grocery can be confusing. After all, it’s almost impossible to figure out exactly where the tomato sitting in the Walmart bin came from.

Those all are reasons that drew me to Market Wagon. Through the online site, shoppers can browse by products available in their area. In Evansville, I could choose from a selection of produce, meat, eggs, skincare products, baked goods, and other food products from regional makers and farmers. Sellers can set their own price for products, designate available quantities each week, and interact with consumers directly through the site. Started in Indianapolis in 2016, Market Wagon is helping food producers thrive in local markets.

I purchased 2 pounds of tomatoes from Larkins Produce, a farm based out of Owensville, Indiana. When checking out, shoppers select a free pick-up location or pay $5.95 in shipping for home delivery. In Evansville, there are 10 pick-up locations from local gift shops and boutiques to area coffee shops and restaurants. Produce is delivered every Thursday, and after receiving an email at 2:10 p.m. on delivery day, I headed to my pick-up location, Outside the Gift Box at 327 Main St., to grab my homegrown tomatoes.

“Food is the oldest human bond that exists,” says Market Wagon co-founder and CEO Nick Carter. “When we bond around food, our communities are stronger. So we are creating a market where customers and their nearby farmers can connect, circumventing the nameless and faceless experience that is a supermarket and buying real food on a human level.”

That weekend I used my locally grown produce for a tomato galette, which I know tasted even better knowing my purchase not only helped the environment but also supported local farmers.

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