Felted Ball Garland

As the bitter cold of winter settles in, there are plenty of reasons to be merry. Namely, the colorful interiors that come with holiday decorating. Adding a touch of personal style to a Christmas decor staple, this do-it-yourself felted ball garland project brings out the craftiness in us all.

Items needed:
• Wool roving (comes in single colors)
• Thread
• Needle
• Soap
• Warm water

First, take a handful of wool roving and ball it loosely in your hand. Run it under warm water. After that, lather the wool with hand soap and begin rolling it with both hands. Continue adding water and soap until the fibers start to “felt.” If you see small cracks where the ball didn’t come together, just wrap another layer of roving around the entire ball and begin the water, soap cycle again until firm. Once you have all of your felt balls rolled (I did about 30), let them sit until completely dry, which can take up to 24 hours. Then, take a needle and thread through each ball, spacing them about 1 to 2 inches apart. Once threaded, let the decorating begin. Hang your festive creation along fireplace mantels, on your Christmas tree, around door or window frames, or use it as an accent against any plain wall.

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