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Function Meets Art

Lauren Beth Petersen applies colorful, upbeat designs to everyday items

Artist Lauren Beth Petersen believes ordinary doesn’t have to mean boring. Life is just too short not to add some visual interest.

After graduating from the University of Southern Indiana in 2019, Petersen worked in health care. But for her, painting everyday items such as TV remotes, planter pots, and jewelry boxes has blossomed into more than just a side hustle: It’s a way for her to send messages she believes in.

Lauren Beth Paintz wall design

“Lately, my focus has been on trying to put my not-so-positive emotions into my art,” the Reitz Memorial High School alum says. “Positive affirmations are really important to me, but I do not want my art to tell the story of positivity without telling the opposite story of the benefit of diving into your pain.”

Her art journey has impacted her own life in a dramatic way.

“I started sharing my art with people on social media in 2016,” she says. “In January 2020, I quit my job and started doing art. And then the world stopped from COVID.”

Lauren Beth Paintz artwork

Petersen sometimes was discouraged but worked toward becoming a full-time artist. Soon, she got into window and mural painting, receiving so much positivity that she has moved onto similar projects, such as a scene in Washington Square Mall for Annalee’s Twice Chosen and another mural for Schymik’s Kitchen. She’s painted windows at Massage For Your Health and has a new project next door at the Warrick Veterinary Clinic.

“I love that my art can make people’s days a little better,” she says. “I’ve gotten such a positive response. It still feels unreal to be doing something I love and impacting people in this way.”

Painting Aplenty


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Maggie Valenti
Maggie Valenti
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