Girl On A Mission

Jaimie Sheth’s inspiration for mission work began 10 years ago in India on a trip to visit the school where her grandmother taught. Two years later, she went to Vietnam where she met people who were building playgrounds, which inspired her to go to Cambodia to build a school.

Fast-forward to today and Sheth has her own foundation, the JD Sheth Foundation, dedicated to needs-based projects around the world, as well as a new book titled “My Life Is Not My Own.”

Sheth, who grew up in Evansville and attended Reitz Memorial High School, the University of Southern Indiana, and the University of Evansville, says the goal of the book is to help people know where to start in accomplishing major projects like hers. The book starts where her charity story begins and outlines all of the projects she has completed so far.

“I was writing a journal that was just for myself,” says Sheth. “As I started to do project after project, my friends told me I should write a book about this because there are a lot of people who are interested in doing [charity work] but just don’t know how to do it.”

The book dives into projects all over the globe in countries like Cambodia, Guatemala, India, Haiti, Thailand, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her next stop will be the Philippines where Sheth is trying to partner with Delta Air Lines to build a school and feeding house, and support an orphanage.

“Each one I do I take away something from it,” says Sheth. “I think in each project the most meaningful thing is meeting these people, realizing their situation, and looking at it from their perspective of what that water well did for their life or that school or that house and how that benefited them and makes their life better.”

For more information on Jaimie Sheth and her foundation, visit Her book can be found online at

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