Glass Master

In the early 1970s, Evansville native Ron Snodgrass was interested in contemporary furniture. During some of his travels throughout the country, he saw a mirrored cube in a shop priced at $60. He decided to buy the parts and make one for himself. The total cost was $4.

“I set it up in my apartment, and a lot of people liked it,” says Snodgrass. “I said, ‘Well, I can make you one.’”

It was the start of what has been an almost 50-year career in glasswork. His style is mostly contemporary but also has included more rustic pieces. Snodgrass uses glass to create everything from two-dimensional works of art to hang on a wall to glass sculptures. His sculptures are made with pieces of glass hand cut from large sheets and he says are mostly made just to entertain himself.

The artist creates many pieces on commission to give his customers something unique to fit their style and taste. Snodgrass says many of his customers also are walk-ins to his studio, located at 1324 N. Fares Ave., who browse his creations and find something they like.

“They’re into something no one else has,” says Snodgrass. “These are all one of a kind. It’s not going to be reproduced.”

Mirror, Mirror
Ron Snodgrass
1324 N. Fares Ave. • 812-480-4570

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